D&C Wharf Upgrade for LNG Facility

  • Project Type
  • Civil Works
  • Client
  • Mowlem Marine Limited
  • Project Value
  • Not Available
  • Project Period
  • 2004 - present
  • Current Status
  • Completed
  • Services
  • D & C Tender Design


CGR was asked by Mowlem Marine to provide an efficient design for an LNG Terminal as part of their submission of a design and construct tender.  The LNG Terminal was required to utilise elements of the existing oil terminal facilities at the proposed site, provided that these could accommodate the specified requirements of the Client’s brief.

CGR’s services included:

  • Tender stage mooring and berthing analysis for LNG vessels in the range of capacities from 71,500m3 to 250,000m3; the largest vessels for future LNG transportation.
  • Analysis of the new structures required including mooring dolphins, berthing dolphins, jetty head and walkways.
  • Structural analysis of existing structures and the design of new supports to accommodate the increase in load anticipated.
  • Analysis of the new jetty head to check the deflections associated with a seismic event appropriate to that region of the United Kingdom against the movement limits required for LNG facilities.
  • Preparation of quantities for all elements of the marine civil works.
  • Advice on the proposed methods of construction of the various elements of the work and support to Mowlem Marine as required for the finalisation of the tender.

CGR provided our services within a very limited timeframe but was able to produce the required tender drawings on CAD and supporting quantities within a four week period.

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