Vuda Point Terminal

  • Project Type
  • Petrochemical Terminal
  • Client
  • Shell (Fiji) Limited
  • Project Value
  • Not Available
  • Project Period
  • 2002 - 2002
  • Current Status
  • Completed
  • Services
  • Cost Estimate


The existing 150NB back-loading pipeline at Shell’s terminal at Vuda Point had its mooring facilities  collapse during a freak storm in 1998 and has not been used since then.  

Shell Fiji needed to reinstate this pipeline before the arrival of a new 3,000 dwt. tonne oil tanker.

CGR detailed a series of buoys to mark the discharge pipeline and to provide mooring points for the tanker.  Anchorage of the mooring buoys was designed using chains, mass concrete blocks and drag embedment anchors.  An option was also included for a fixed platform discharge point.

CGR produced a report detailing the operational requirements and the mooring system.  A cost estimate was also prepared incorporating reuse of some existing equipment.

CGR then carried out a detailed design for the mooring system and fixed platform discharge point.