Taveuni Island Mooring Facility

  • Project Type
  • Petrochemical Terminal
  • Client
  • Shell (Fiji) Limited
  • Project Value
  • Not Available
  • Project Period
  • 2002 - 2002
  • Current Status
  • Completed
  • Services
  • Cost Estimate • Detailed Design


Shell’s oil discharge facility at Taveuni Island required upgrading to accommodate a new, 3,000 deadweight tonne oil tanker in near cyclonic strength sustained winds of 45 knots.  The previous tankers used a Mediterranean-style mooring arrangement while discharging petroleum product.  Discharge was via a floating hose approximately 100m offshore.

CGR was commissioned by Shell (Fiji) to provide a detailed design for steel mooring buoys, anchors and an offshore discharge platform.  Working closely with our client, CGR organised geotechnical drilling and diving inspections of the anchor sites to determine a cost-effective discharge system.

On completion of the surveys, CGR carried out detailed design and stability calculations for new 2.75m diameter steel mooring buoys. The design of the mooring system included the anchor and buoy design, considering two sets of anchors, one at the bow and another at the stern of the tanker. Each anchor set included a buoy and 8 concrete anchor blocks laying on the seabed 30m below water level. Each of the anchor systems was designed to accommodate the tanker loads in the event of a tanker mooring rope failure. CGR also carried out the detailed design of the offshore discharge platform using a large diameter monopile solution.

After approval of the detailed design, tender documentation was prepared by CGR and tenders called.