Sydney Port, White Bay

  • Project Type
  • Container Terminal
  • Client
  • Sydney Port Corporation
  • Project Value
  • Not Available
  • Project Period
  • 2002 - 2002
  • Current Status
  • Completed
  • Services
  • Detailed Design • Contract Documentation


Sydney Port Corporation’s (SPC) facility at White Bay was constructed on reclaimed land with a wharf consisting of caissons retaining the reclamation fill and supporting a front crane beam and a piled rear crane beam.  The existing asphalt pavements were deteriorating to various extents and differential settlement of the asphalt and concrete pavements relative to the caissons and piled rear crane beam had detrimentally affected the stormwater discharge from the pavements leading to significant ponding of rainwater on the pavements. CGR was initially commissioned by Sydney Port Corporation to investigate and cost minimum cost schemes for rehabilitating the asphalt pavements for various terminal equipment and future life scenarios and for eliminating the ponding of rainwater.

CGR undertook a detailed feature and level survey to determine the current pavement levels to allow remedial measures to reinstate the pavement drainage to be formulated and determined preferred rehabilitation measures based on CGR‘s analyses of the remaining pavement life and the client‘s preferences.  Initial costs and ongoing maintenance costs were determined to provide complete lifecycle costs. CGR‘s findings were incorporated into a report submitted to the SPC.

Subsequently, CGR was commissioned to undertake detailed design of and formulate the contract documentation for the rehabilitation works for the adopted scenario. CGR also undertook site supervision of the works.

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