Cold Store Facility, Kamchatka

  • Project Type
  • Cold Store
  • Client
  • Neptune Co-Op
  • Project Value
  • AUD 34 million
  • Project Period
  • 1991 - present
  • Current Status
  • Completed
  • Services
  • Cost Estimate • Feasibility Study


A cold storage facility was required to store fish (including pickled fish at -8C) at Kamchatka on the Pacific Coast of Russia.  Several options were investigated including a single storey bouilding and a two storey option.  The required freezer capacity was 174,000m3 in one of the options.

Building dimensions of the single storey option were 135 metres x 84 metres x 14 metres high, and those for the two storey option were 107 metres x 85 metres x 2 storeys, each 9.5 metres high.

The facility included the following features:

A design and construct tender was submitted by CGR, after preliminary studies by CGR, based on former USSR design codes. An important criteria was the very short available time in which to construct the facility. Consequently the structure was designed to be pre-fabricated wherever possible, with time on site reduced to the minimum.  In addition, all structural elements were required to be shipped in 40 foot shipping containers.

In this design and construct package, CGR was responsible for the civil and structural design, as well as co-ordinating cost studies undertaken by the materials handling, refrigeration, and electrical specialists. The firm's services also extended to submissions provided for project management and site supervision.