Major Cold Store, Arndel Park, Sydney

  • Project Type
  • Cold Store
  • Client
  • Cold Storage Constructions Pty Ltd - Stages 1 to 3, P&O Cold Storage Ltd - Stage 4
  • Project Value
  • AUD 45 million
  • Project Period
  • 1989 - 1995
  • Current Status
  • Completed
  • Services
  • Detailed Design • Site Supervision • Project Management • Tender Assessment


A cold storage distribution centre was constructed to service a large retail chain of stores. The project was constructed in stages.  The first stage was a freezer with capacity of 45,000m3 at -30oC, chiller with capacity of 21,000m3 at 4oC and loading and sortation docks with capacity of 15,000m3 at 10oC. Stage 1 was serviced by a three-tier conveyer system, mechanised sorting and laser scan sorters. A plantroom and two-storey office complex were also constructed as part of Stage 1, Stages 2 and 3 were freezers with capacities of 21,000m3 and 26,000m3 respectively at -30oC for bulk storage, with associated loading docks and truck pavement areas.

Stage 4 comprising a new 109,000m3 cold storage warehouse, was later constructed behind the existing bulk storage and distribution facility (ie Stages 1 to 3). The bulk storage warehouse consisted of :

  • Interchangeable freezer/chiller rooms
  • Battery charge and plant buildings
  • Office and Amenities building

For Stages 1 to 4 CGR was responsible for:

  • negotiations with statutory authorities (including the successful appeal to the Land and Environment Court of NSW for Stage 4);
  • detailed design of civil, structural and insulation works; and
  • full time site services.

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